Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator – With Logic Behind and BiMonthly Payment


If you’re looking to save money on your mortgage payments, you might want to consider using a bimonthly mortgage calculator. A bimonthly mortgage calculator is a tool that helps you determine the potential savings of making bi-monthly payments versus traditional monthly payments on your home loan. It can also help you figure out if the short-term costs of switching to a bi-monthly payment plan outweigh the long-term savings.

A bimonthly mortgage calculator can help save homeowners a lot of money. This calculator works by allowing users to input the original loan amount, interest rate, and other details in order to determine how much they will pay per month. With this calculator, homeowners can easily calculate their bimonthly payments with logic behind it.

Rather than making one large payment every month, a bi-monthly payment splits that payment into two portions – one half paid at the beginning of the month and the second half paid mid-month. By opting for bimonthly payments instead of monthly payments, homeowners can reduce their overall interest rates and increase the total amount of principal that is paid off each month.

Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator

This basic bi-monthly mortgage calculator calculates the potential savings of making bi-monthly payments instead of monthly payments. Keep in mind that this is just a Example.

Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator

Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator
Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator


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